Top Programs, SAT Minimum 1300-1400

Category II: SAT 1300–1400, ACT 29+, GPA 3.75 (some also require one or more essays).

Alphabetical listing: Arizona State, Arizona, Binghamton, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, South Carolina, Stony Brook, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, University at Buffalo, Vermont, Washington, and Washington State.

OVERALL HONORS EXCELLENCE (includes prestigious scholarships, such as Rhodes, Marshall, Truman):

1. Arizona State
2. Washington
3. Penn State
4. Minnesota
5. Michigan State

HONORS FACTORS ONLY (does not include prestigious scholarships):

1. South Carolina
2. Arizona State
3. Michigan State
4. Penn State
5. Delaware

Revised, April 4, 2012.

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