Now We’ll Be Tracking 75 Honors Programs–and Here They Are!

Editor’s Note: Updated September 17, 2016. Many honors programs offer credit for contract classes, in which honors students earn extra credit for work in non-honors classes. These classes can have a significant impact on the metrics we are using for average class sizes and the range and type of honors classes. Some programs initially listed for inclusion in the 2016 edition were not rated because we could not obtain the data we need.

When we began covering major national public honors programs in 2011, we focused on 50 at flagship and land grant public institutions.  Now we will be tracking the programs at 75 public universities, including almost all of the original 50. The list below is more comprehensive than ever; it now includes honors colleges and programs from every state in the continental U.S.

Several major programs that we have rated or ranked in past editions receive non-rated summary reviews in the 2016 edition. For example, honors colleges or programs at Michigan, Pitt, and Virginia have outstanding features, but to rate them in 2016 would require the use of too many estimates based on our current information. The main reason: the programs provide maximum flexibility in constructing majors or honors coursework credit, a fact that makes it difficult for us to quantify their course and completion requirements using our updated methodology. We believe it is important to include them, given their prominence and unique offerings.

Below are the 75 honors colleges and programs that we follow.  Those that are rated in the 2016 INSIDE HONORS are in bold; the 10 that  receive summary reviews have an asterisk.

Alabama Honors
Arizona Honors
Arizona State Honors
Arkansas Honors
Auburn Honors
Central Florida Honors
Cincinnati Honors*
Clemson Honors
College of Charleston Honors
Colorado State Honors
Connecticut Honors
CUNY Macaulay Honors
Delaware Honors
Florida State Honors*
Georgia Honors
Georgia State Honors
Houston Honors
Idaho Honors
Illinois Honors
Indiana Honors
Iowa Honors
Iowa State Honors
Kansas Honors
Kentucky Honors
LSU Honors
Maine Honors
Maryland Honors
Massachusetts Honors
Miami of Ohio Honors
Michigan Honors*
Michigan State Honors
Minnesota Honors
Mississippi Honors
Missouri Honors
Montana Honors
Montana State Honors
Nebraska Honors
Nevada Las Vegas Honors
New Jersey Inst of Tech
New Hampshire Honors*
North Dakota Honors
New Mexico Honors
North Carolina Honors
NC State Honors
Ohio Univ Honors*
Ohio State Honors
Oklahoma Honors
Oklahoma State Honors
Oregon Honors (Clark)
Oregon State Honors
Pitt Honors*
Penn State Honors
Purdue Honors
Rutgers Honors*
South Carolina Honors
South Dakota Honors
Temple Honors
Tennessee Honors
Texas A&M Honors
Texas Tech Honors
UC Irvine Honors
UCLA Honors
Univ at Albany Honors
University of Utah Honors
UT Austin Honors
UT San Antonio Honors
Vermont Honors
Virginia Honors*
Virginia Commonwealth Honors
Virginia Tech Honors
Washington Honors
Washington State Honors
Western Michigan Honors*
West Virginia Honors
Wisconsin Honors*

*should receive a non-rated summary review