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If you are interested in buying a full (6-8 page) rated profile for an individual honors college or program, you can do so by clicking on the button below. Please enter the name of the university for the profile of your choice. For example, if you want the profile of the South Carolina Honors College, just enter “South Carolina” in the Description field. This approach is the most cost-effective if you only want to consider a couple of honors colleges or programs.

A list of the 50 honors colleges and programs with rated profiles is here. Many of the programs we follow and write about do not have rated profiles.

You will receive a read-only, copyrighted profile within a few hours of your purchase. The profile will have a watermark with your email address printed lightly across each page. This is for verification and protection purposes. The profiles are protected by copyright and cannot be distributed after purchase. You will also receive a two-page statistical summary of cumulative data for all rated programs. The summary is subject to the same uses and restrictions that apply to the profile.

A rated profile uses a “mortarboard” system that assigns ratings, maximum of 5.0, in each of 13 categories. The ratings also show the overall standing of a program relative to 50 other major honors programs. Each profile also shows the exact numerical rating for each component relative to other programs in the categories below:

  • Curriculum Requirements
  • Number of Honors Classes
  • Number of Honors Classes in 15 Key Disciplines
  • Extent of Honors Enrollment
  • Average Class Size, Honors-only Sections
  • Overall Average Class Size, All Sections
  • Honors Graduation Rate-Raw
  • Honors Graduation Rate-Adjusted for Test Scores
  • Student to Staff Ratio
  • Type and Extent of Priority Registration
  • Honors Residence Halls, Amenities
  • Honors Residence Halls, Availability
  • Record of Prestigious Awards

If you want to purchase more than one profile, you will need to do a separate transaction. The cost for each profile is $2.99.

If you have any questions, please email  The secure pay buttons are below. We do not see your card numbers; they are processed through PayPal. Please remember to enter the name of the program in the Description field BEFORE finalizing the purchase.  Thanks!

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