Blog Submissions

We will gladly consider submissions of 750 words or less for publication on our site. Our current primary interest is “women in honors,” but we will accept submissions in all categories. The following guidelines apply:

  • Topics must be related to university honors education; national issues related to public universities (state funding, privatization, admissions, housing for honors students, improvements, curricula); student achievement; financial assistance; study abroad; and announcements of major changes in honors directors, deans, or other professional staff;
  • Response to submissions will, in most cases, be within three days of submission;
  • Mention of author publications or links is permissible in a brief summary bio that will follow each article or post;
  • For now, we will not include digital photos or illustrations;
  • Other links may be included in the body of the article or post, if relevant;
  • The editor will assign tags as appropriate, and publish on a timely basis, usually within one week of acceptance.

Submissions should be sent to, with SUBMISSION in the subject line.  Please contact the editor at 512-940-5193 if you have any questions.