Leaders in ‘All Scholars’ Awards

The “All Scholars” term refers to the number of prestigious undergraduate and postgraduate awards won by students at the Fifty universities. Students at some of the Fifty excel in earning prestigious postgraduate scholarships (Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Truman, Gates), while students at other universities are more successful in winning the best-known undergraduate scholarships (Goldwater, Udall). And some universities have students who do well in both categories, especially those at or near the top of the list below.

For this metric, all Rhodes awards are included; Marshall and Gates from 2001–2011; all Truman awards; all Churchill awards; and all Udall and Goldwater awards. Fulbright awards were adjusted for the size of undergraduate populations at each university.

As noted in previous posts, correlations of scholarships to U.S. News rankings are not strong for the whole data set of fifty universities. The list below includes universities above the median for the whole set. Note: Revised, February 22, 2012.

Virginia 1
North Carolina 2
Washington 3
Michigan 4
Wisconsin 5
Kansas 6
Illinois 7
Arizona State 8
Minnesota 9
Arizona 10
UT Austin 11
Penn State 12
Georgia 13
Michigan State 14
Iowa 15
Arkansas 16
Indiana 17
Pitt 18
Florida 19
South Carolina 20
Colorado 21
Delaware 22
NC State 23
Nebraska 24
Ohio State 25

Revised March 28, 2012.

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