Honors Residence Halls–University of Michigan

One of the premier universities–public or private–in the nation, the University of Michigan, through its LSA Honors Program, also provides excellent housing opportunities for it students.

Most live in South Quad, one of the best locations on this large campus, with a dining hall, pizzeria, and a cafe. South Quad is near State Street in Ann Arbor, the site of festivals, restaurants, pubs, theaters, bookstores, and many other events and attractions.

About 35 percent of students in South Quad are in honors program, living in contiguous halls. The presence of both honors and non-honors students in the same residence halls allows a broader range of associations on a regular basis, while maintaining the relative peace and quiet in the honors halls. South Quad is a traditional dorm, meaning that baths are shared by all residents of a corridor.

South Quad, despite its name, is actually in central campus, convenient to most classes and facilities, including the student union. It is also the home of the student-run cable TV station, WOLV.

“South Quad was built in 1951 and won an award from the Michigan Society of Architects. At the time, South Quad was a trendsetter in college residence halls,” according to the university housing department. “Although it was originally an all-male residence, South Quad went co-ed in 1964 when half of its male residents traded places with half of Markley Hall’s female residents.”

Honors women also have the opportunity to live in Martha Cook Hall, “a small, traditional, independent house for women in the Central Campus Housing Neighborhood; it features beautiful rooms, traditional events, and a warm community for its residents.”

“Martha Cook is home to 140 first years to graduate women. Located in the heart of central campus, it is only steps away from the Diag, Grad Library, UgLi, Law quad, Michigan Union, Business School and School of Education. Martha Cook opened to female students in the fall of 1915 as the first dormitory on campus, a gift of alumnus William Cook. Over the past century the building has been home to thousands of University of Michigan women, who have left their mark on the building, the University and the world.”

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