Kansas Honors Grads: Program is Great for Knowledge, Great for Careers

The results of the annual exit survey of honors program graduates at the University of Kansas reveals both the personal and career value of pursuing an honors education.

Based on the responses of 49 honors graduates, the survey shows that 100 percent are either pursuing a career (50 percent); attending medical school (11.1 percent); going to law school (3.3 percent); or pursuing other graduate degrees (35.6 percent).  Of those attending graduate or professional school, 73.5 percent are receiving financial support from the institution.

Perhaps most important, 94.1 percent of students agreed with the following statement: “The University Honors Program provided many opportunities that enhanced my KU education.”

Below please additional comments from students:

“Entering college, I knew I wanted to do big things. But I never dreamed that I would be one of the top two Truman Scholarship Finalists for the state of Kansas! If the KU Honors program hadn’t spent countless hours encouraging me and preparing me, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. The advisors in the Honors program are genuinely invested in my success, and they are mentors who I hope to stay friends with for years to come.”-Hannah Sitz, junior, Truman Finalist

“The Honors Program is about so much more courses. My honors advisor pushed me to really consider my passions, my goals, and my experience which lead to an internship on Capitol Hill. It was the best, most exciting time of my college career.”-Danielle Onions, senior

“The Honors Program has been the backbone of my education.  It makes the university feel like home. The staff invests in each and every student and exposes them to opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.”-Natalie Scott, junior

“My work in lab has led to competitive summer internships and scholarships, and has given me a head start in my career path.  Unlike undergraduates at other universities, I am able to work on my own project and actually advance scientific knowledge.”-Rodi Torres-Gustavo, senior, Goldwater winner

“Without the KU Honors Program, I might have never had the incredible opportunity to travel to Switzerland for a truly international research experience at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.  The Honors Program gave me the financial support, advising, and connections I needed to make this dream come true.”-Brittany Krutty, senior, Goldwater winner

“The Honors Program provided me both the impetus for choosing to study abroad and part of the scholarships that made it feasible. My semester in Costa Rica was central to my undergraduate experience, and the Honors Program certainly helped facilitate it.”-Bailey Reimer, senior

“The superb instruction and personal attention from my professors in my Honors classes, especially during my freshmen year, were central to my success as a student. Without the extra challenges and resources that they provided, I’m not sure I ever would have felt like KU was a good fit for me.”-Bailey Reimer, senior