Bloomberg Business Week: Top Undergraduate Programs 2014

The 2014 Bloomberg Business Week Top Undergrad Programs list is out, and 21 of the top 50 business schools are at public universities.  For the second year in a row, Notre Dame was number 1 and UVA was number 2.

Student and recruiter surveys have a major impact on the Bloomberg rankings, while the U.S. News rankings of undergrad business schools depend heavily on feedback from deans.  The Bloomberg rankings can vary significantly year to year, primarily because of the responses of employers and recruiters.  About 250 employers responded this year, and about 28,000 students participated, a response rate of about 33 percent.

Bloomberg considers SAT scores, student/faculty ratio, class size, internships, and hours spent on classwork to determine the academic quality of a program.

The Bloomberg rankings include test scores and, more importantly to many, median starting salaries, teaching “grade,” and placement rates.  All of the top 12 programs listed below have A+ placement rates except Washington U St. Louis (A).   Miami OH, Penn State, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Georgia also have A+ placement rates.

All of the public programs in the top 50 have median starting salaries of $50k or more, with UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce leading the way with $70,000 (tied with Penn’s Wharton School).

Here are the top 50, according to Business Week:

1. Notre Dame

2. UVA

3. Cornell

4. Boston College

5. Washington Univ

6. UT Austin

7. Penn

8. Indiana

9. Emory

10. North Carolina

11. Wake Forest

12. Michigan

13. Brigham Young

14. NYU

15. UC Berkeley

16. Richmond

17. Carnegie Mellon

18. Georgetown

19. Northeastern

20. Bentley

21. SMU

22. William & Mary

23. Boston Univ

24. Villanova

25. Miami OH

26. Babson

27. TCU

28. USC

29. Texas A&M

30. Penn State

31. Lehigh

32. Ohio State

33. Wisconsin

34. Illinois

35. RPI

36. UMass

37. Georgia Tech

38. Fordham

39. Maryland

40. James Madison

41. Univ of San Diego

42. Michigan State

43. Santa Clara

44. Florida

45. Elon

46. Minnesota

47. Loyola

48. Georgia

49. Bryant

50. Case Western