Awards for Faculty, other than National Academy Membership

In addition to selection for membership in a prestigious national academy, faculty members may receive important awards from a variety of organizations. The Fulbright, Guggenheim, MacArthur, NEH, Woodrow Wilson, and National Medals of Science and Technology are perhaps the best-known of the more than twenty that are included in the figures below.

As was the case with national academy awards, the UC campuses again figured prominently in the category of individual awards. Raw numbers have been adjusted for the size of full-time faculty. Below is a list of the top twenty universities among the “Fifty” in our survey:

1. UC San Diego
2. Michigan
3. Pitt
4. Georgia Tech
5. North Carolina
6. UC Irvine
8. Washington
9. Virginia
10. Colorado
11. Stony Brook
12. Wisconsin
13. Maryland
14. Michigan State
15. UC Davis
16. Illinois
17. Rutgers
18. Georgia
19. South Carolina
20. Oregon

Please see a previous post on national academy membership, where an expanded list is now available.

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