Top Study-Abroad Programs

As we get closer to completing our research on fifty leading public university honors programs, we will release some of the results prior to publication of the guidebook A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs in April. In this post, we will list the top universities among the fifty for study-abroad opportunities.

The data we used are a composite of university-wide and program-specific information, depending on the degree of cooperation from the honors programs and colleges.

Some of the best study-abroad programs have an extremely high level of participation from honors students: as many as two-thirds of all honors students study abroad, many for a significant period of time. About half of the fifty universities in our study have received some form of recognition for study-abroad programs.

The universities below all received the maximum score in the study-abroad category (revised April 4, 2012):

Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan State, Minnesota, UCLA, UT Austin, Washington, Wisconsin, and Vermont.

Close behind are Georgia Tech, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara.

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