Arizona, Montana State and Minnesota Lead in 2013 Udall, Goldwater Awards Combined

Each year we recognize public universities that have the most winners of the two most prestigious undergraduate awards: Goldwater and Udall Scholarships.  The former is valued at $7,500 and goes to STEM students in their sophomore and junior years, and the later, valued at $5,000, is primarily for undergrad environmental research.

We consider the awards to be especially noteworthy because they are indicators of undergraduate research opportunities and mentoring, so important for postgraduate awards and careers.

In 2013, the University of Arizona, Montana State University, and the University of Minnesota each had five students who won either Goldwater or Udall awards.

North Carolina State, Pitt, and Wisconsin each had four students who earned one of the awards.  North Carolina State has been especially strong in this area for two years running.

Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon State, South Carolina, UT Austin, and Washington State all had students who earned three prestigious awards.  Georgia, like North Carolina State, is building a strong record of achievement in this area.