Times Higher Ed World Rankings 2014-2015: Top Engineering and Tech Universities

The most recent Times Higher Ed World University Rankings list the best universities for science and technology, and 13 U.S. universities are among the top 20. An additional eight U.S. schools made the top 50. Public universities are very well represented in the rankings.

The Times rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Teaching: the learning environment (worth 30 per cent of the overall ranking score)
  • Research: volume, income and reputation (worth 30 per cent)
  • Citations: research influence (worth 30 per cent)
  • Industry income: innovation (worth 2.5 per cent)
  • International outlook: staff, students and research (worth 7.5 per cent).

Here are the top 20 universities for engineering and technology:

1. MIT

2. Stanford

3. Caltech

4. Princeton

5. Cambridge

6. Imperial College London

7. Oxford

8. Swiss Federal Institute Zurich


10. UC Berkeley

11. Georgia Tech

12. Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne

13. National University of Singapore

14. UT Austin

15. Michigan

16. Carnegie Mellon

17. Cornell

18. Illinois

19. Northwestern

19. Delft University of Technology

The following U.S. universities are among the top 50 in the world in engineering and technology:

22. UC Santa Barbara

27. UW Madison

32. Columbia

33. Washington

40. Rice

45. Purdue

49. Minnesota

50. UC San Diego