Goldwater Scholarships 2013: Public University Leaders

The most prestigious undergraduate scholarship is awarded annually by the Barry M. Goldwater Foundation to outstanding students majoring in mathematics, science, engineering, or computer science, and this year eight of the major universities we follow on this site won three awards each.

Public universities with three Goldwater scholars for 2013 are Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Oregon State, Pitt, UT Austin, Washington State, and Wisconsin.  The leader among all public universities is Montana State University, with the maximum number of scholarships allowed–four.  North Carolina State is the overall leader the past two years, with a total of seven Goldwater scholars.

The Goldwater awards are important indicators of the value of undergraduate research and the attention young scholars receive.  Out of 271 of the $7,500 scholarships awarded in 2013, a total of 159 went to science majors; 71 to engineering majors; 27 to math majors; and 14 to computer science majors.

Goldwater scholars are also highly represented among winners of graduate awards such as Rhodes, Marshall, and Churchill scholarships.  In recent years, 80 Goldwater winners have also won Rhodes scholarships; 118 have earned Marshall scholarships; and an extremely high number of 110 Goldwater scholars have gone on to win Churchill scholarships.

Below is a list of the universities we follow that have at least four Goldwater awards in the last two years.

North Carolina State: 2013 (3); 2012 (4)

Kansas: 2013 (2); 2012 (4)

Minnesota: 2013 (3); 2012 (3)

Nebraska: 2013 (2); 2012 (4)

Pitt: 2013 (3); 2012 (3)

UT Austin: 2013 (3); 2012 (3)

Colorado: 2013 (3); 2012 (2)

Oregon State: 2013 (3); 2012 (2)

Michigan: 2013 (3); 2012 (2)

Wisconsin: 2013 (3); 2012 (2)

Alabama: 2013 (2); 2012 (3)

Washington State: 2013 (2); 2012 (3)

Georgia: 2013 (1); 2012 (4)

Maryland: 2013 (3); 2012 (2)

South Carolina: 2013 (2); 2012 (3)

Clemson: 2013 (2); 2012 (2)

Illinois: 2013 (2); 2012 (2)

UMass Amherst: 2013 (1); 2012 (3)

Michigan State: 2013 (2); 2012 (2)

Ohio State: 2013 (1); 2012 (3)

Rutgers: 2013 (2); 2012 (2)

UC San Diego: 2013 (2); 2012 (2)




Georgia, North Carolina State Lead in 2012 Undergrad Awards

With the recent announcement of the 2012 Udall Scholars, we can now report on the leading schools among the 50 in our review that have earned the most prestigious undergraduate awards–Udall and Goldwater scholarships.

The Udall Foundation “awards 80 scholarships of up to $5000 and 50 honorable mentions of $350 to sophomore and junior level college students. The majority of the Udall awards go to students “who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to the environment including policy, engineering, science, education, urban planning and renewal, business, health, justice, economics, and other related fields.”

Goldwater awards are given to encourage research and excellence in the STEM subjects–science, technology math, and engineering.

This year, the University of Georgia and the North Carolina State led the way in undergraduate awards.

Along with winning three Udalls, Georgia students also earned the maximum yearly award of four Goldwater scholarships. NC State students also earned the maximum of four Goldwater awards to go with two Udalls.

Undergraduate awards are one indicator of the undergraduate research opportunities that are available at universities.

Schools among the 50 to earn at least three total undergraduate awards are listed below:

Alabama–3 Goldwater
Arizona–3 Udall and 1 Goldwater
Arizona State–2 Udall and 1 Goldwater
Georgia–3 Udall and 4 Goldwater
Illinois–1 Udall and 2 Goldwater
Iowa–1 Udall and 2 Goldwater
Kansas–4 Goldwater
Maryland–1 Udall and 2 Goldwater
Massachusetts Amherst–3 Goldwater
Michigan–1 Udall and 2 Goldwater
Minnesota–1 Udall and 3 Goldwater
Nebraska–4 Goldwater
Ohio State–3 Goldwater
Oregon–3 Goldwater
Pitt–1 Udall and 3 Goldwater
South Carolina–3 Goldwater
UT Austin–3 Goldwater