Best Major Universities for Merit Scholarships–Part Two

Note: This post has now been updated on October 3, 2018, to include more recent data from the 115 public and private universities listed below. Merit scholarships are fewer than ever, and the awards are generally smaller, though some are still generous. In fact, an increasing number of colleges are offering only minimal National Merit Scholarships, if any. Most “merit” scholarships that remain are not linked specifically to National Merit, although finalists do of course make strong candidates for almost any merit awards.

Many of the scholarships offered by the public and private institutions listed below are NOT restricted to National Merit Scholars. We include them to show “full ride” and other high-value options. If you find an error below, please notify

The world of merit awards has been changing rapidly in the last decade. Many colleges that continue to provide generous merit scholarships and that used to require or prefer National Merit Finalist status for the most valuable scholarships no longer affiliate with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The reasons vary. Often these awards now go to students who are National Merit Finalists but who can be selected for other reasons.

The colleges below in bold are those that still specify National Merit status for at least some of their major awards. These offer National Merit aid of $1,000 a year or more. Although automatic scholarships specifically tied to National Merit status are in decline, National Merit Finalists will almost always be among the top candidates for merit awards.

Many elite colleges and universities offer few or no merit awards of any kind now, because they believe that they need to allocate their funds only on the basis of financial need.

Another post on this site lists the colleges that offer the prestigious Stamps Scholarships.

These range from tuition to full ride, and in some cases, these are the only merit scholarships offered by the college.

And here is a list published by U.S. News that shows colleges with highest percentage of merit aid, based on enrollment. This map does not assess actual net remaining costs after merit aid, however.

In this post, we will provide a table that shows more than 115 universities, public and private, which provide full or partial tuition, tuition “plus”, or full ride, and full ride merit scholarships. In most cases, the tuition is at least at the in-state level. Tuition “plus” means that the extra award can include stipends or one or more years of housing. Full ride is tuition, room, board, and often additional funds for study abroad, conferences, and other activities.

The more prestigious the university, the more likely it is that the test score and GPA requirements will at least match stats for National Merit Finalists, even if the scholarship is not tied directly to National Merit awards. It is noteworthy that universities previously known for “full rides” have lowered the merit offerings, often to a level below that of a true full ride, especially for National Merit Scholars.

Note: Merit scholarships are constantly changing; the list below is at best a snapshot for 2018-2019.

It is important to know that some of the universities listed offer VERY FEW scholarships of the type listed. For example, the Jefferson Scholarships at the University of Virginia are valued at $150,000 (in-state) and $280,000 (OOS), but only 36 extremely fortunate students are selected from more than 2,000 candidates. These students must be nominated by participating high schools in different regions of the nation.

Again, colleges that continue to offer National Merit-specific scholarships that are greater than $1,000 per year are in bold.

University Award Type InState/OOS
Alabama full ride 5 yrs, 4 yrs housing+stipend Both
Appalachian St full ride Wilson, Chancellors schols Both
Arizona tuition plus, stackable Both
Arizona State tuition plus, stackable Both
Arkansas equiv full, new arkansan+chancellor’s Both
Auburn $1k-$2k yr plus $8k – $13k Both
Baylor tuition plus = $46,842 yr Both
Boston College tuition Gabelli Presidential Schols few Both
Boston University tuition Trustee Schols 20 per yr Both
Case Western tuition Both
Centre full ride plus Brown Fellows Both
Chicago $5k to $10k/yr Both
Cincinnati full ride Cincinnatus Presid+Distinction In State
Clark full ride, five LEEP Both
Clemson full ride 8 National Schols, via honors college Both
Colorado College 10k year Both
Connecticut Stamps full ride very few In State
Cooper Union half tuition plus competition for more Both
Davidson full ride Belk, Charles, Norris Both
Delaware dupont schols ~full ride Both
Denison tuition Both
Drake full ride, six national alumni scholarships Both
Drexel tuition Drexel Merit Both
Duke full ride Robertson, others tuition, limited Both
Emory Woodruff schols full ride, others partial Both
Florida full ride Benacquisto Both
Florida St full ride Benacquisto Both
Fordham presidential 20/yr tuition+room Both
Furman James Duke schol, tuition plus $5k in stipends Both
Georgia Foundation fellows, full, no engineering Both
Georgia State Presidential 22k/yr in st; 31k/yr OOS Both
Georgia Tech Stamps full ride top 1% Gtech; no NMS spons Both
Harvey Mudd tuition 8 presidential schols Both
Holy Cross Holy Cross scholarships up to $50.7k Both
Houston could be equiv full ride NMS + Tier One Both
Idaho full ride Both
Illinois Stamps full ride + $12k very few In State
Indiana $2k/yr plus Dean’s up to $11k/yr? Both
Iowa Provost $3k/yr + $8.5-$10k Old Gold Both
Iowa State full tuition In State
Kansas $10k year; KU Excellence $16.2k/yr OOS In State
Kent St President’s scholarship? Both
Kentucky full ride Singletary Both
Kenyon half and full tuition Both
Lehigh NM $1k-$2k; Dean’s $12k Both
Louisville NM $20k; Brown scholars tuition plus Both?
Loyala Chicago $16k-21k/yr Both
LSU Stamps 10/yr full ride plus; also others $9k/yr Both
Maine NM semifinalist tuition plus Both
Maryland full ride Banneker Key 150 yr Both
Massachusetts tuition credits plus, Chancellor’s, Dean’s etc. Mostly OOS
Miami Univ NMS $1-2k; others half to full tuition Both
Michigan St NMS award then tuition and full ride Both
Michigan up to $20k per year Both
Michigan Tech up to $20k/yr OOS
Minnesota Gold Scholarships 10k year Both
Minnesota Morris NM finalists, full tuition; plus others $4k/yr Both
Mississippi full ride Both
Mississippi St full ride presidential SAT 1450+ Both
Nebraska tuition Regents ACT 32+ Both
Nevada Las Vegas NM finalist $10k/yr Both
Nevada Reno $8k per year ACT 31, SAT 1420 Both
New Hampshire $7k-$10k Both
New Mexico NM finalist In state $18.8k, OOS $34k Both
New Mexico St NM finalists tuition fees plus stipend Both
NJIT tuition plus Both
North Carolina full ride few Robertson Scholars Both
NC Charlotte Levine full ride Both
North Carolina St full ride Park Scholars mostly in state or region In Region
Northeastern NM finalists =”competitive” award, $20k? Both
Notre Dame several at $25k/yr Both
Ohio St 50k to full ride Eminence Both
Ohio Univ Premier scholarship up to in state tuition amt Both
Oklahoma St NM finalists full ride OOS $145k Both
Oklahoma NM finalists $64k in state, $117 k OOS Both
Oregon NM finalist $2k/yr; Stamps, few; In st 9k/yr Both
Oregon St $40k total Both
Pitt full ride Chancellor’s Scholarship, 10-12 yr Both
Purdue Beering and Stamps full ride few Both
Rhodes several from $22k to $35k Both
Rice tuition for income $65-$130; half tuition inc $200k Both
Richmond 5k to full ride for Richmond Scholars Both
RIT $2k plus $20k per year nms finalists Both
Rose-Hulman Class of 1940 schol half of total cost Both
Rochester 2k to full tuition Dean’s Scholarships Both
RPI several up to full tuition, not stackable Both
Rutgers $2k to full tuition Both
Santa Clara tuition plus remaining need Both
SMU tuition presidential Both
South Carolina multiple from $40k in state to $167k OOS Both
Southern Illinois full ride Chancellor’s Both
Southern Miss full ride Presidential Both
Stevens Inst Tech tuition Neupauer, Stevens Both
St. Louis Univ tuition Presidential Both
Swarthmore tuition+ McCabe Schols Both
Syracuse Coronat tuition Plus liberal arts majors Both
TCU NM finalist $2k/yr; tuition Chancellors Both
Temple $3k to full tuition Both
Texas A&M $33k minimum total; also Brown Schols full ride Both
Texas St 10 k/year NMS Both
Texas Tech NM finalist full ride Both
Trinity San Antonio tuition, 20, Trinity Tower; also Murchision $26k/yr Both
Truman St full ride Pershing Scholarship + $4k Both
Tulane tuition plus, Dean’s Honor, Paul Tulane, Stamps Both
Tulsa full ride Presidential Both
UCF full ride Benacquisto Both
USF full ride Benacquisto Both
UCLA Regents Scholars tuition; 150 for all UC Campuses Both
UC Berkeley Regents Scholars tuition; 150 for all UC Campuses
Univ at Buffalo $15k for Presidential plus others possible Both
Univ of Miami $18-$28k President’s scholarship Both
Univ of North Texas full ride 122k in state; 173k OOS Both
USC tuition Mork, Stamps, Trustee; others half tuition Both
UT Arlington NM finalist 20 k per year Both
UT Austin  14-15 full, 40 Acres Schols; engineering scholars Mostly TX
UT Dallas full ride McDermott plus stipends and perks Both
UT San Antonio $24k total Distinguished Presidential Schol Both
Utah tuition and fees Presidential Scholars Mostly UT
Va Commonwealth NM finalists full ride In State
Vanderbilt tuition plus, Ingram, Vanderbilt, Chancellor’s Both
Vermont 62k in st; 15-18k/yr OOS Both
Villanova full ride presidential Both
Virginia full ride-Jefferson Schols, Echols Schols no Both
Wake Forest full ride Carswell, Gordon, Graylyn, etc. Both
Washington St NM semifinalists tuition plus Both
West Virginia 21k/yr OOS; full ride in for Foundation Scholars Both
William and Mary full ride for “1693” Scholars; tuition Wm Mary sch Both
Wofford full ride Richardson Both
WPI $20k minimum Presidential Both
WUSTL tuition Danforth, Earvin, Rodriguez Both