A Sample of Average Admission Test Scores, GPAs

On a separate page (Universities, by Review Category) we list actual or estimated ranges for minimum entrance requirements. For example, University A might appear in the 1300–1400 SAT range, but the actual minimum could be 1350.

In this post, we will list actual or estimated average scores and GPA’s for recently admitted students to 24 of the 50 honors colleges or programs in our survey. For some we will list SAT scores in two parts, and for others the scores listed will also include the SAT writing score. ACT scores will be reported if available. Although we do not have actual average test scores for Michigan, North Carolina, UCLA, UC San Diego, Virginia, and Wisconsin, the scores would be above SAT 1400/2100, perhaps closer to 1500/2200.

Arizona, SAT 1309, ACT 29, unweighted GPA 3.87
Arizona State, SAT 1314, ACT 29, unweighted GPA 3.84
Arkansas, ACT 32, weighted GPA 4.1
Clemson, SAT 1418, GPA top 3%
Connecticut, SAT 1400/ACT 32, GPA top 5%
Delaware, SAT 2090, unweighted GPA 3.98
Georgia, SAT 1473, 4.03 GPA
Indiana, SAT 1385, ACT 31.4, unweighted GPA 3.99
Iowa, SAT 1340/ACT 30, unweighted GPA 3.8
Kansas, SAT 1400, ACT 32, unweighted GPA 3.96
Maryland, SAT 1400+, 4.3 weighted GPA
Massachusetts, SAT 1345, top 5%
Mississippi, ACT 30, GPA 3.85
Missouri, 30 ACT, unweighted GPA 3.8+
Oregon, SAT 1360, unweighted GPA 3.93
Penn State, SAT 2080, ACT 32, 4.0 GPA
South Carolina, SAT 1427/ACT 32, weighted GPA 4.6
Stony Brook, SAT 1360, unweighted GPA 3.9
UT Austin Plan II, SAT 2166
UT Austin Liberal Arts Honors, SAT 1370
UC Irvine, SAT 1430, weighted GPA 4.2
Vermont, SAT 1380/ACT 31, GPA top 5–7%
Washington, SAT 2080, ACT 31, unweighted GPA 3.92