Michigan, ASU, Rutgers, UT Austin Lead in 2013-2014 Fulbright Student Awards

The major research universities with the most Fulbright Student Award winners for 2013-2014 have been announced, and Michigan, Arizona State, Rutgers, and UT Austin are the leaders among public institutions.

Over the last four years, Michigan, Arizona State, and Rutgers lead all public universities, followed by North Carolina, Maryland, Washington, and UT Austin.

Fulbright scholarships are for work in foreign countries and cover a broad range of disciplines.  They, along with National Science Foundation Research Grants, are among the most prestigious awards for graduating seniors and beginning graduate students.

Below are the leading universities, public and private, for Fulbright Student Awards for 2013-2014.   We will list the university name, number of awards, and the number of applicants this year for awards.  Note that there is little correlation between the size of a university and the total number of applicants or the number of awards.

Harvard: 39 awards/234 applicants

Michigan: 32 awards/151 applicants

Arizona State: 26 awards/60 applicants

Princeton: 26 awards/82 applicants

Northwestern: 23 awards/106 applicants

UT Austin: 22 awards/70 applicants

Columbia: 21 awards/107 applicants

Yale: 21 awards/106 applicants

Cornell: 20 awards/67 applicants

Chicago: 20 awards/98 applicants

Boston College: 19 awards/85 applicants

UC Berkeley: 18 awards/62 applicants

Duke: 16 awards/54 applicants

Ohio State: 16 awards/72 applicants

Stanford: 16 awards/75 applicants

Penn: 16 awards/81 applicants

Maryland: 15 awards/41 applicants

Rochester: 15 awards/32 applicants

William & Mary: 14 awards/53 applicants

North Carolina: 14 awards/91 applicants

Georgetown: 13 awards/50 applicants

Tulane: 13 awards/52 applicants

Colorado: 13 awards/42 applicants

Pitt: 13 awards/51 applicants

Fordham: 12 awards/44 applicants

UC San Diego: 12 awards/25 applicants

Washington U: 12 awards/43 applicants

Johns Hopkins: 11 awards/54 applicants

NYU: 11 awards/49 applicants

Penn State: 11 awards/54 applicants

San Diego State: 11 awards/47 applicants

Washington: 11 awards/77 applicants