These Are the Public Universities with the ‘Most Beautiful Campuses’

According to one college website, a list of the 50 most beautiful campuses in the nation includes 15 public university campuses.    Below are the 15 universities that made the list, along with a few words that describe them.

8–William & Mary: “…over 1,200 acres of cozy wooded areas…Most buildings on campus consist of Georgian and Anglo-Dutch architecture…” and nearby is Colonial Williamsburg.

15–Indiana University: “The town of Bloomington is the ultimate college town…filled with 1,200 miles of bike and running trails…”

17–University of Virginia: “The American Institute of Architects called the rolling landscape and gorgeous buildings ‘the proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years.”

20–University of Washington: “The campus boasts great views of Mt. Rainier, the Cascade Range, and the Olympic Mountains.”

27–North Carolina at Chapel Hill: “Some of the most famous spots on campus are the gorgeous Old Well, a rotunda based on the Temple of Love in the gardens of Versailles.”

28–Ole Miss: “…the quintessential southern university, with beautiful classic buildings and a campus steeped in tradition.”

29–University of Wisconsin: “The views from campus overlooking [Lake Mendota and Lake Monona] are some of the greatest in the nation.”

33–University of Alabama: “”The 1,800 campus features many Greek Revival buildings.  Several…including the president’s home, were all built before the Civil War.”

34–Sonoma State: “One of the top ‘green’ campuses in the country, nearly every building on the campus has set the standard for small universities.”

40–UC Santa Cruz: “…nestled near Monterrey Bay…boasts natural wonders…hiking trails…and multiple views of California’s trademark Redwoods.”

43–Florida State University: “…campus features several historical ‘Southern-style’ dorms…and the signature Spanish moss…”

44–Texas A&M: “…boasts one of the largest campuses in America at 5,200 acres…the 12th man and Kyle Field…the library of former President George H.W. Bush…”

48–University of Colorado: “Most buildings on campus incorporate local products like sandstone and multi-level roofs that feature red tiles.”

50–University of Minnesota: “…located in the ‘Happiest City in America’…Students will enjoy the view as they cross the Mississippi River via the Washington Avenue Bridge.”