Public Universities Have 27 New Members in the National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering has announced the election of 67 new members, and public university engineering professors and researchers account for 27 of the new members; another 28 come from private industry, one from the U.S. Air Force, and 11 from private universities.

Michigan, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, and UW Madison all had multiple inductees.

In addition, there are 11 associate members from foreign universities and private industry.

“Election to membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer,” according to the NAE.  “Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations. ”

The NAE operates under the same congressional act of incorporation that established the National Academy of Sciences, signed in 1863 by President Lincoln.

Below are the new members, with those from public universities in bold:

Abbott, Nicholas University of Wisconsin-Madison

Allcock, R. Harry Pennsylvania State University

Allebach, P. Jan Purdue University

Arvizu, E. Daniel National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Atkins, E. Daniel University of Michigan

Baker, Karl James Carnegie Mellon University

Balser, Martin Northrop Grumman Information Systems

Banks, Katherine Margaret Texas A&M University-College Station

Barrett, H. Harrison University of Arizona

Bernstein, Howard Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

Bethell, J. Peter Arch Coal, Inc.

Bimberg, Dieter Technical University of Berlin

Board, P. Mark Hecla Mining Company

Boroyevich, Dushan VA Polytechnic Institute and State University

Boston, Terry PJM Interconnection, LLC

Boulos, F. Paul Innovyze

Boyd, P. Stephen Stanford University

Braun, D. Robert Georgia Institute of Technology

Briskman, D. Robert Sirius XM Radio

Carbonell, G. Ruben North Carolina State University

Chan, F. Tony The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ciminelli, Sampaio Teixeira Virginia Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Cramb, William Alan Illinois Institute of Technology

Daganzo, F. Carlos University of California, Berkeley

Davari, Bijan IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Dietrich, L. Brenda IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Eden, Gary James University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Edgar, Flynn Thomas The University of Texas

Elghobashi, E. Said University of California, Irvine

Ershaghi, Iraj University of Southern California

Fagin, Ronald IBM Almaden Research Center

Fenves, Gregory The University of Texas

Ferrara, Whittaker Katherine University of California, Davis

Fleck, Andrew Norman University of Cambridge

Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Maria Tufts University

Gany, Alon Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Halas, J. Naomi Rice University

Harel, David Weizmann Institute of Science

Hedrick, Lupton James IBM Almaden Research Center

Hedrick, Karl J. University of California, Berkeley

Hopp, J. Wallace University of Michigan

Joshi, Janardan Chanrashekhar University of California, Los Angeles

Jouppi, P. Norman Google, Inc.

Joyce, L. David General Electric Aviation

Kish, A. Frederick Infinera Corportation

Knatz, Geraldine Port of Los Angeles, California

Krieger, B. Roger General Motors Research and Development Center

Luby, George Michael Qualcomm Incorporated

Mehlhorn, Kurt Max Planck Institute for Informatics

Michel, Keith R. Webb Institute of Naval Architecture

Mistretta, A. Charles University of Wisconsin-Madison

Moehle, P. Jack University of California, Berkeley

Mohan, Ned University of Minnesota

Mullen, G. Michael MGM Consulting

Novosel, Damir Quanta Technology, LLC

Patt, N. Yale The University of Texas

Pawlikowski, Marie Ellen U.S. Air Force

Pentland, Alex Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pharr, M. George The University of Tennessee

Philip, E. Craig Ingram Barge Company

Poulos, George Harry Coffey Geotechnics Pty Ltd

Ramsey, Michael John University of North Carolina

Rexford, Jennifer Princeton University

Riley, J. James University of Washington

Romankiw, T. Lubomyr IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Samarasekera, Vasanti Indira University of Alberta

Schapire, Elias Robert Princeton University

Schutz, E. Bob The University of Texas

Shoham, Moshe Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Soled, L. Stuart ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Spencer, Bruce David wTe Corporation

Stafford, Patten Thomas Stafford, Burke, and Hecker

Stedinger, Russell Jery Cornell University

Tzeghai, E. Ghebre Procter and Gamble Company

Waitz, A. Ian Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Willson, N. Alan University of California, Los Angeles

Zhang, Xingdong Sichuan University

Zones, I. Stacey Chevron Energy Technology Company