Udall Scholars 2013: Univ of New Mexico Leads, Arizona and Georgia Best Last Two Years

The year 2013 yielded a smaller list of Udall Scholars than in the past, only 50 nationwide, versus 80 awarded in previous years.  The University of New Mexico led all universities, public and private, by winning three scholarships this year.

Udall scholarships valued at up to $5,000  are awarded to sophomore and junior level college students committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American health care. Many of the awards are for environmental research.

The universities of Arizona, California Berkeley, Georgia, and Minnesota each had two student Udall winners in 2013.

During the past two years, the University of Arizona and the University of Georgia have seen five students earn Udall awards, leading all public universities.

Below is a list of public universities with two or more total Udall winners in the last two years:

Georgia–2013 (2); 2012 (3)

Arizona–2013 (2); 2012 (3)

New Mexico–2013 (3)

Arizona State–2013 (1); 2013 (2)

Minnesota–2013 (2); 2012 (1)

North Carolina State–2013 (1); 2012 (2)

Illinois–2013 (1); 2012 (1)

Arkansas–2013 (1); 2012 (1)

Pitt–2013 (1); 2012 (1)