Public University Leaders in Prestigious Scholarships 2012

Students at the fifty major public universities whose honors programs are included in our Review earned at least 146 prestigious scholarship awards in 2012. Fifteen of the 50 schools brought home four or more awards in 2012.

Leading the way in 2012 are the University of Michigan, the University of Georgia, Arizona State University, the University of Iowa, Ohio State University, and North Carolina State University.

The scholarships included in the above total are the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates/Cambridge, Churchill, Truman, Udall, and Goldwater awards. The last two are awarded to fund undergraduate research. Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona State led all state universities in these awards for 2012.

The total above does not include other national awards (Luce, Mitchell, Boren, NSF), and it does not include Fulbright Scholarships. We adjust Fulbright awards for the size of the undergraduate population at each school, and we will post those totals later. We will include Luce and Boren awards in our statistics for the next edition of the Review. In addition, we will have a separate post on these awards soon. Arizona State alone earned 10 Boren awards in 2011-2012.

Below is a list of the schools that earned at least four awards in 2012:

Michigan (9)–Gates (2), Marshall (1), Churchill (1), Truman (2), Udall (1), Goldwater (2)

Georgia (8)–Marshall (1), Udall (3), Goldwater (4)

Arizona State (7)–Gates (2), Marshall (1), Truman (1), Udall (2), Goldwater (1)

Iowa (6)–Churchill (2), Truman (1), Udall (1), Goldwater (2)

NC State (6)–Udall (2), Goldwater (4)

Ohio State (6)–Churchill (2), Truman (1), Goldwater (3)

Kansas (5)–Rhodes (1), Goldwater (4)

Indiana (5)–Gates (1), Marshall (3), Goldwater (1)

Pitt (5)–Rhodes (1), Udall (1), Goldwater (3)

Nebraska (5)–Marshall (1), Goldwater (4)

Maryland (5)–Churchill (1), Truman (1), Udall (1), Goldwater (2)

Alabama (4)–Truman (1), Goldwater (3)

Arizona (4)–Udall (3), Goldwater (1)

Minnesota (4)–Udall (1), Goldwater (3)

Washington (4)–Rhodes (2), Goldwater (2)