USA Today Scholarships

Although they don’t carry the same level of financial reward that Udall and Goldwater Scholarships provide, the USA Today College Academic Team scholarships receive significant attention from a wide audience because of their association with the Gannett Corporation. The 2011 awards have not been announced, but below are some statistics for the last twenty years, not including 1995 and 1999. If you have data for those years, please let us know. If the figures below do not agree with your own, please let us know.

Total awards, by university among the “Fifty”:

Arizona State, 12
North Carolina, 7
Virginia Tech, 6
Alabama, Delaware, Georgia Tech, 5
Minnesota, Rutgers, UCLA, 4
Auburn, Illinois, Iowa, UC Irvine, 3
Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio State, Penn State, UC Davis, 2

The seventeen universities among the fifty with one winner are the following:
Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Michigan State, Nebraska, Missouri, Pitt, South Carolina, University at Buffalo, UT-Austin, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin.