Goldwater Awards for 2012 Announced!

The 2012 Goldwater Scholarships for undergraduates to do research in science, technology, engineering, and math have been announced, and students from all but six of the 50 universities under review have won at least one award, with Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Carolina State leading the way with four awards each.

Universities among the fifty that have three Goldwater winners are Alabama, Massachusetts at Amherst, Minnesota, Ohio State, Oregon, Pitt, South Carolina, and UT Austin.

Winning two awards are Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers, Penn State, Washington, Washington State, and Wisconsin.

Although the awards just announced will not be a part of the statistics for the current edition of A REVIEW OF FIFTY PUBLIC UNIVERSITY HONORS PROGRAMS, they will be included in the next, expanded issue.

Honors Residence Halls–University of Maryland

Honors students at Maryland have four possible options for housing: Ellicott, Hagerstown, and La Plata Halls, all a part of the north-central Ellicott housing community, or Anne Arundel Hall, a much smaller dorm located on South Campus. It appears that most honors students may be assigned to Hagerstown Hall.

The Ellicott houses are generally considered to be more centrally located, and they share the North Campus Dining Hall and The Diner, a popular eating spot on campus. Of the three Ellicott houses, only one is air conditioned: La Plata. All have corridor bathrooms shared by all students living on a hall, usually 33 residents.

Anne Arundel only houses just over 100 students in its South Campus location. The hall is air conditioned, and baths are shared by 9 students. Anne Arundel is housed in the most aesthetically pleasing structure.

The honors-related Gemstone program is housed in Ellicott Hall. The Entrepreneurship and Innovations Program and Integrated Life Sciences Program students are in Laplata Hall. Hagerstown Hall is home to the University Honors Program, while some honors offices, conference spaces and team rooms are in La Plata Hall. All three Ellicott dorms are near the campus recreation center.

The Dining Hall is a part of the Ellicott community, and a convenience store is only a few minutes away. Most academic buildings and libraries are less than a 15-minute walk away and the university shuttle makes frequent stops in the community for overall safety and convenience.