Rhodes Scholars for 2013: Harvard and Yale, Georgia, GaTech, OU,UNC, UVA, Berkeley

Please see Rhodes Scholars 2014: UVA, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and Wisconsin Have Winners for 2014 update.

Rhodes chooses scholars in November preceding the year of award.  For example, 2013 scholars, below, were named in 2012.

The latest list of Rhodes Scholars (awarded in November 2012 for the year 2013) includes seven recipients from Yale, six from Harvard, two from Cornell, and one from Brown, giving the Ivy League half of the 32 awards for 2013.

The most prestigious academic award in the world, Rhodes Scholarships fund two or three years of study at Oxford;  at total of 838 students applied this year.  The approximate yearly value of a Rhodes Scholarship is $50,000.

The service academies at Annapolis and West Point had two winners each.  Stanford also had two.

State universities with winners in 2013 are Georgia, Georgia Tech, Montana State, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Oklahoma, UC Berkeley, and Virginia.  Virginia and North Carolina are the leaders among all state universities in the number of Rhodes Scholars earned by their graduates.

Special congratulations to University of Georgia honors graduate Juliet Elizabeth Allen, and kudos to the great public institutions in the Southeast.

Other state university leaders in total Rhodes Scholarships are Washington, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, UT Austin, Kansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Georgia, and Nebraska.

Here is the list of U.S. awards for 2013:





US Military Academy–2

US Naval Academy–2


College of Idaho–1


Georgia Tech–1

Luther College–1

Montana State–1

North Carolina–1


UC Berkeley–1